Another Do Nothing Politician


My opponent has been elected seven times as our Rhode Island Congressmen. In his seven terms as our Representative, I can't think of one important thing he has done for the State of Rhode Island, can you? We can no longer sit back and allow these career politicians continue to serve themselves, their party and special interests as we the people continue to struggle in our daily lives.  I hope you will change the direction of our representation in congress and elect an ordinary hard working Rhode Islander like yourself to go to Washington DC to fight your fight, because your fight is my fight.

I'm not a Politician


What are my qualifications to take a seat in Congress? They’re the same as yours: I’m a Citizen, a Voter, and a Taxpayer – Just as is specified in the US Constitution. In fact, I’d say I’m more qualified for the 2nd District Seat because I’m just like you: I Work in the District, I raised my family here, and my wife and I own our one and only home right here. All that makes me More qualified than the incumbent.


Why do I want to run for Congress?


It’s not so much that I want to as that I feel I have to. Look what the professional politicians have been doing to us! Because they are completely apart from the Real World they have no realistic idea about what kinds of efforts will succeed or fail. And they have no clue as to how much of the burden of Government you and I can carry.


I’m a Republican because I believe Government’s only job is to create a safe environment wherein you and I can pursue our individual goals. As a Member of Congress, though, I will have to put Party Affiliation second to the requirement that I work with every other member to produce practical policies for the whole nation.




OBAMACARE: Legislation that never would have become law if congress was not sold a bill of goods on false pretenses. Shame on the democrats for not researching what they were voting on.  The lesson?  Stop doing what you’re told and start doing your job.


FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BUDGET: Stop spending what we don’t have…when individuals and companies do it as excessively as our government has, they would have been bankrupt several times over…let’s be responsible, so that our children and grandchildren don’t have to keep paying for our lack of effective governing.


ECONOMIC CLIMATE / BUSINESS CONDITIONS: The President makes it sound like things are picking up steam, that employment is way up and the middle class is recovering. Unemployment is still high with many leaving the workforce. With U.S. oil production at its highest levels, shouldn’t gas prices be significantly lower? Obamacare promises to hobble any economic gains by adding new overhead burdens. In short, we cannot continue like this.


THE PROPER ROLE OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: The role of government must return to what I believe the Founders envisioned it to be. That is, one that is limited by the enumerated powers of the US Constitution, which leaves substantial governing responsibilities to the states.


THE 2ND AMENDMENT: The right to bear arms was deemed so important by our Founders that it was number two on the list. This right should never be diminished. Laws are in place to punish those who misuse weapons. Do not infringe on our rights, for their miscues!


10TH AMENDMENT: We are the United States of America. I believe therefore that we exist, both as a unified nation, and concurrently as individual states with important sovereign powers and responsibilities. In this way we can exercise an important degree of local independence that insulates us from the overbearing will of an all-powerful central government. Never before have we been more at the mercy of a central government taking over so many aspects of our lives. We need to take that power back. The power of the states is key to keeping a check on Washington. The wisdom and vision our Founders had in writing the “Bill of Rights” to this day never ceases to amaze me.


FOREIGN AFFAIRS / AMERICA’S POSITION IN THE WORLD: DISMAL! The Snowden and WikiLeaks episodes have caused and will likely continue to cause serious embarrassment along with hampering future foreign relations. Our foreign policy seems to be distancing us from our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel. The result is a weak U.S. negotiating position marked by lack of trust on all sides. It’s time to step back up and re-assert American Leadership in the World.